[listen] Gnut: Prenditi quello che meriti

#throwbackThursday: what’s the first thing you ever searched for on the Internet the very first time you went online?

In nineteenninetysomething, on AltaVista:

Adam Ant”.

Adam Ant

P.s.: yes, I *do* know that the autobiography came out much later, 2006 in fact, but that’s what on my desk right now.

“Des Menschen Herz ist ein Schacht”: first performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s lost song

A song by Felix Mendelssohn has been performed for the first time this morning during the BBC Radio 4′s Today programme, by Royal College of Music’s Amy Williamson (alto) and Christopher Glynn (piano), after having been missing for around 150 years:

Mendelssohn wrote the privately commissioned piece, titled The Heart of Man is Like a Mine, in 1842. It was never published but the original manuscript has now emerged in a private collection in the US. It will be sold at Christie’s later this month, where it is expected to fetch £15,000 – £25,000.

Lyrics are taken from Das Unveränderliche, a poem by Friedrich Rückert:

Des Menschen Herz ist ein Schacht
aus einem wird Gold gebracht
aus einem Silber aus einem Erz
nur was es hat das gibt das Herz
man kann daraus nicht andre Gaben
als es in sich hat graben.

World premiere, 9th May 2014: Il sogno di una cosa


On the morning of 28 May 1974, during an anti-fascist protest in Piazza della Loggia in Brescia, Italy, the explosion of a bomb killed eight people and wounded over a hundred more.

An opera has been commissioned by Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia to commemorate the victims of the carnage on its fourtieth anniversary, as an act of civil remembrance: its title is Il sogno di una cosa (The dream of a thing). Continue reading