No mozzarella di bufala was harmed in the making of this video: Happy, from Eboli

‘Mmiézz’ ‘a piazza, ‘ngòpp’ a Sant’ Cosimo, annanz’ ‘o centro commerciale, dint’ a Edicolè, ‘mmiézz’ ‘o mercato, abbasc’ a San Giuànn, ‘ngopp’ ‘o centro storico, ‘mmiézz’ for’ ‘o bburg’…

Pharrell WilliamsHappy, in a video made in Eboli.

The recipe for a whole opera diva: Joyce DiDonato


Why is Joyce DiDonato so different from any other opera diva?

Well, first things first because she is a dedicated professional, she doesn’t cancel out of whim (she doesn’t cancel even when she would have all the rights to do so — remember when at the Royal Opera House she sang Rosina from a wheelchair with her foot in pink plaster because she’d broken her leg on the opening night? Precisely.), and, of course, she is an excellent singer (which is still the main ingredient to make a true opera diva — and yes, this is a memo for all aspiring opera divas, thank you).

But also because she is funny without being plain silly. E.g.: last night she rolled in the snow.

But don’t worry, she didn’t step outside her NY balcony in the freezing winter weather wearing only a swimsuit while recovering from a bout of flu which had made her previously cancel a a few performances.

Oh noes.

J-Diddy (copyright: @operateen) rolled in the safe stage snow for fun and for a cause: to raise funds for the MET (and for other theatres in general, as people donated to their local opera houses, too — all just because she rolled in the snow, that’s right.).



Video: Godblesscomputers, Nothing to me

New single by GODBLESSCOMPUTERS, taken from ‘Veleno‘, out on 4th. April 2014


Direction: Ruggero Pini (
Production: Paolo Carraro x piier (
Direction of photography: Gabriele Guarisco
Photography: Wissam Andraos
Post-production: Ilaria Omizzolo

The Southern belle: from ‘Gone with the wind’ to our days

A little under 75 years ago, David O. Selznick’s adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind delivered Scarlett O’Hara in all her Technicolor glory, imprinting forever the notion of the Southern belle: the feisty beauty with a honey-laden accent, done-up in yards of antebellum dress, on the hunt for a husband. By exploring Scarlett’s proverbial stomping grounds in and around Atlanta, Georgia, Tim Richmond and James Nutt’s documentary short Southern Belles discovers that, while the plantation no longer remains, the front porches, hospitality, grace, and etiquette persevere…

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