the more you practice speaking in public


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Author: Luthfia Mariatul Fitriani


You’re probably familiar with the term “Public Speaking”. This is a skill that can be mastered with frequent practice. Public Speaking is a sườn of verbal communication that is delivered in front of the general public in detail and coherently. In public speaking, you are required đồ sộ practice effectively sánh that the delivery is not out of the ordinary and in line with the purpose of the conversation.


Not everyone is comfortable speaking in public. Some people may experience stage fright and faint when they have đồ sộ speak in public. This can be overcome with consistent practice. Once you get into the habit of practicing, you’re more likely đồ sộ be able đồ sộ control yourself when you speak in public.


The following are tips that you should know in public speaking:


1. Write down important points and convey spontaneously

You can write down small notes that only contain important material points. In making these notes, bởi not let you write a long narrative. It can be explained naturally and spontaneously, because by dealing with the conversation, it is attempted not đồ sộ look stiff. It is enough đồ sộ write a few important points. This will help you remember what you are going đồ sộ say sánh you don’t get blank in the middle of the conversation. Keep in mind the order of the points that you will convey.


2. Deepen Interaction with Your Audience

You should try đồ sộ keep your communication alive even when you are speaking in front of many people. Because this also affects your confidence and spirit. You can include a few brief questions for the audience, đồ sộ encourage them đồ sộ interact with you. You can also include jokes that are still ethical sánh that they bởi not become too stiff. The audience will be interested in the topic of conversation, if you can attentively interact with them.


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3. Speak clearly and with a different intonation

Before you speak in public, it would be better if you practice first. You can ask friends for help đồ sộ assess speech style, appearance, intonation, and sánh on. The intonation when speaking is varied sánh as not đồ sộ bore the audience. Each word, you must pronounce it loud and clear sánh that the material can be conveyed well.


4. Utilize body toàn thân language and eye contact

You can use your body toàn thân language, especially your hands, đồ sộ emphasize the material presented. But don’t let your hands move too much, because it can distract the audience. What needs đồ sộ be noted is, you must pay close attention đồ sộ the eye liên hệ of the audience. This is sánh you can control the focus of the audience. If you lose control, then your conversation will go đồ sộ waste, not being noticed by the audience.


5. Avoid the words “emmmm” or “ehhhh”

If you can adjust the pause, for example slow or fast. Then you can phối the control of the conversation đồ sộ be delivered. Because most of them are confused about what đồ sộ say, sánh they say “emmm/ehh” that shouldn’t be said. If these words come out, then your level of professionalism will decrease. For example, you need time đồ sộ think, try not đồ sộ say the words above.


6. Get rid of pressure and self-confidence

It is okay đồ sộ feel nervous and anxious. Surely almost everyone has felt this way, when speaking in public, but don’t let your nerves and worry get the better of you. In public, you have đồ sộ show good self-confidence. You don’t have đồ sộ be concerned about making mistakes, because humans are nature đồ sộ make mistakes. Therefore, calm yourself and convey as comfortably as possible.


Those are 6 tips in public speaking that you should know. Practicing earnestly will help your public speaking optimally. Hope it is useful.

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