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Đề cương ôn tập dượt học tập kì 2 Tiếng Anh 7 Friends Plus




GRADE 7 –SCHOOL YEAR 2022- 2023


I. Choose the word having different stress from the others.

1. A. harvest B. parade C. music D. pumpkin

2. A. offer B. prefer C. abroad D. arrive

3. A. famous B. joyful C. usual D. alone

4. A. exist B. avoid C. tư vấn D. notice

5. A. hungry B. disease C. spacious D. danger

6. A. favourite B. pollution C. imagine D. exhausted

7. A. energy B. plentiful C. disappear D. celebrate

8. A. recycle B. mô tả tìm kiếm C. contribute D. atmosphere

II. Find thewordwhichhasadifferentsoundinthepartunderlined


A. perform

B. end

C. festival

D. elephant


A. cake

B. celebrate

C. racing

D. candle


A. desert

B. held

C. prefer

D. celebrate


A. those

B. they

C. than

D. Thanksgiving


A. cranberry

B. lantern

C. gather

D. apricot

6. A. abundant B. travelling C. character D. biogas

7. A. diverse B. drive C. invention D. crime

8. A. designs B. sails C. pedals D. pollutes


I. Choose and circle the best answer.

1. Many (cultural/ romance/ disappointed/ annoyed) and artistic activities are held as the part of the flower festival in Da Lat.

2. Wind, hydro and solar are (modern/ renewable/ non-renewable/ new) energy sources.

3. Nick washes his hand a lot, (so/ and/ but/ although) he doesn’t have flu.

4. At a seasonal festival, people race down the hill vĩ đại (break/ catch/ buy/ eat) cheese.

5. (When/ How/ Why/ Where) were you born? – In March

6. We will cut down on the use of natural gas because it is (plenty/ limited / available / abundant) & harmful vĩ đại the environment.

7. Some new energy-saving bulbs (will put /will be putting/will be put /will being put) in the dining-room.

8. Which of the following is NOT non-renewable source of energy ?

A. oil
B. wind
C. natural gas
D. coal

9. The over of the film was sánh _____________ that many people cried.

A. boring
B. shocking
C. exciting
D. Moving

10. A ___________ is a film that tries vĩ đại make audiences laugh.

A. sci-fi
B. documentary
C. comedy
D. horror

11. I found the book sánh ____________ that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

A. gripping
B. shocking
C. tiring
D. boring

12. We found the plot of the film__________.

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A. bored
B. boring
C. interested
D. acting

II. Put the verbs in correct tenses.

1. …………..You (wait) …………………for her when her plane arrives tonight?

2. Don’t phone u between 7 and 8. We (have) …………….………….. dinner then.

3. I (send) ………………………….. you my book tomorrow.

5. We hope the new Director (find) ………………….. more jobs for his employees.

6. Nam is a hard-working student. He (pass) ….…………. the exam easily this year.

6. What …………..you (do) …………….. when you graduate from the University?

7. Next week we (have) …..……… many kinds of examinations. It (be) …………

a very busy week, I think.

8. In the future, most of Vietnamese people (be able) ……. (speak) …English well.

9. Next week at this time, you (lie) ………………….………….. on the beach.

10. …………..You (meet) …………………..your former teacher at 9 am tomorrow?

III. Complete the following sentences with the correct size of the words in brackets.

1. There are many …………………………….. differences between the two communities. (culture)

2. Street are decorated with lights and red banners. (colour)

3. Margaret Thatcher. (perform)

4. There were lively New Year all over the town. (celebrate)

5. When we heard she’d got the job, we all went off for a ……………….. drink. (celebrate)

6. It is in America vĩ đại eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. (tradition)

7. What forms of tự you participate in during the festival? (entertain)

8. The hall looked very with its Christmas tree. (festival)

9. Her eyes were wide with when she heard the news. (excite)

10. The Chinese New Year marks the………………………of spring and the start of the Lunar New Year. (begin)

IV. Put question for the underlined part of each sentence:

1. It is 10 kilometers from here vĩ đại Ngân Hàng Á Châu ngân hàng.

2. I have known Marie for nine years.

3.Yes, they used vĩ đại be friends at the university.

4. Sarah left two hours ago.

5. She is watching Tom and Jerry.

6. It is an action film.

7. She likes watching comedy.

8. It starts Lee Min Hoo and Jun Ji Huyn.

9. I feltterrified before my last Maths test.

10. She felt entertained when she watched a gripping film.

I. Read the following passage and decide if it is T or F.

Many people still believe that natural resources will never be used up. Actually, the world’s energy resources are limited. Nobody knows exactly how much fuel is left. However, we also should use them economically and try vĩ đại find out alternative sources of power. According vĩ đại Professor Marvin Burnharm of the New England Institude of Technology, we have vĩ đại start conserving coal, oil and gas before it is too late; and nuclear power is the only alternative.

However, many people tự not approve of using nuclear power because it’s very dangerous. What would happen if there was a serious nuclear accident? Radioactivity causes cancer and may badly affect the future generations.

The most effective thing is that we should use natural resources as economical as possible.


T/ F

1. Natural resources will lập cập out.

2. The world’s energy resources are unlimited.

3. We know exactly how much fuel is left.

4. We should use fuel economically.

5. According vĩ đại Professor Marvin Burnham, nuclear power will be used as a substitute for natural resources.

6. Many people disagree vĩ đại use nuclear power as an alternative energy.

7. Radioactivity from nuclear power causes cancer and may have bad effect on the future generations.

8. Natural resources should be used as economical as possible.










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